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Order of Assignment Court is designed for parties seeking stop or modify the current Order of Assignment. Upon filing a Petition to Stop an Order of Assignment or Petition to Modify the Order of Assignment the filing party will serve the other party with the Petition and allow for a designated response time. The other party may choose to do nothing, or the other party may request a hearing. If the other party lives in Arizona, he or she has 20 days from the date he or she was served with the Petition to Request a Hearing. If the other party does not live in Arizona, he or she has 30 days from the date he or she was served with the "Petition to Modify to Request a Hearing." Wait for the court to let you know what the judge decided or for a hearing date to be set. The judge will write an order stating what the judge decided to do with your case. Read the judge's order carefully, so you know what the judge decided to do next. If it goes to a hearing, a conference may be scheduled. The parties will receive an Order to Appear from the Family Court Conference Center for a one-hour conference and a subsequent 45-minute evidentiary hearing before a judicial officer. They will meet with a Conference Officer to review and try to reach an agreement. If an agreement is reached during the conference, it will be memorialized as a written stipulation and signed by a Judicial Officer before the parties leave the courthouse.

If there is no agreement, or if only some issues are resolved, the parties will appear at an evidentiary hearing immediately after the conference at which they will receive a final order from a Judicial Officer. Because a Judicial Officer will enter a final order the same day as the conference and hearing, there will no delays experienced.

Please carefully review the checklist located within the Petition to Stop or Modify the Order of Assignment to ensure that you meet the criteria to file the Petition. It should be noted that an order of Assignment is not the same as your child support order, and if any current or past due child support or spousal maintenance is still owed under the terms of the current order, review the forms to Modify Child support or Order of Assignment. If your Order of Assignment was issued after January 1, 2005, there may be an automatic stop date on the Order. If there is and that date is correct, you do not need to file anything to stop the Order, though you may want to make sure the payroll department of whomever has been making payments is aware of the termination date.

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