Jury Scam Notice


Public Alert About Jury Duty Scams

This notice is to inform residents of Maricopa County of a jury duty scam that has been reported nationwide and to provide guidance as to how to proceed if you think you are being targeted by this scam.

What’s happening: Citizens are being contacted via phone by a person that identifies themselves as a lieutenant or sergeant with the Sheriff’s Office or Police Department, or as a representative of the Jury Office. The caller informs the citizen that they failed to report for jury service as a juror or as a witness and that a warrant has been issued for their arrest.  The caller then states that the warrant can be resolved if the citizen pays a fine that has been assessed against them. The fine usually ranges from $500 to several thousand dollars. The citizen is instructed to obtain cash or a prepaid debit card. The scam artists are using disposable cell phones, so they have no problem giving the citizen a phone number to call them back. They are also able to spoof phone numbers to mimic those from local law enforcement agencies.  Once the citizen gets the money card or cash, they are instructed to either give the money card information over the phone or meet the scammer at the courthouse, which the caller claims will satisfy the fine and result in the warrant being dismissed. The scam artists sound very convincing over the phone, and have been known to threaten the citizen with jail and fines in order to get them to comply.

What you should know: Local law enforcement and the Jury Office of the Superior Court in Maricopa County will not contact citizens by phone regarding the payment of fines for failing to appear for jury service. Rather, the Court typically sends a Failure to Appear notice before taking any action. If a warrant is issued for your arrest as a result of your failure to appear for jury duty, there is no warning phone call. Further, Arizona law does not permit citizens to pay a fine in lieu of jury service; a fine may be assessed, but that is done during a court hearing at which the citizen is present, and where the citizen would still be required to reschedule jury service for a later date.

What you should do if you feel you are being targeted for this scam: Write down the phone number the person is calling from and hang up. DO NOT give the caller any personal information about yourself or agree to provide any money. Contact your local police department and request to file a complaint.  If you would like to verify your jury service status, please call the Jury Office at 602-506-5879.


Matthew Martin
Jury Administrator
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Jury Scam Notice

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