You must respond to your summons to let the Jury Office know whether you intend to appear on your scheduled date, need to postpone your jury service to another date, or request to be excused from jury service altogether.

Respond to Your Summons


To qualify for jury service you must be at least 18 years of age, a United States citizen, a resident of Maricopa County, adequately proficient in English, never have been convicted of a felony (unless your civil rights have been restored), and have no disqualifying mental condition.

Respond to Your Summons


The Court realizes prospective jurors may have been summoned at an inconvenient time and is willing to defer service to a more convenient time in most instances. Jurors may request a first-time postponement no less than 10 days prior to the summonsed date. When responding to your summons you will see an option to postpone your service. You may also call and speak to a jury clerkemail your request or use the chat feature at the bottom of your screen. These methods will allow jurors to select a new date of their choice, with some limitations, as long as the new date is within 90 days of the date on which they were initially scheduled to appear.

Additional requests for postponement must be in writing and either mailed or faxed to the Jury Office for review. Arizona law (A.R.S. 21-336) does not allow a second postponement unless it is an extreme emergency that was not anticipated when the first postponement was granted. Any documentation mailed or faxed to the Jury Office must include the juror’s name and juror identification number.

Respond to Your Summons

Request to be Excused

There are times when you may need to request to be excused from jury service.

You will find an option to request to be excused from jury service when responding to your summons.

Respond to Your Summons

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