Detention Services

The Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Department strives to have detention centers and related programming that meet the needs of protecting juveniles and the community, but also to give those juveniles tools they will need to be successful when they are released from detention.

Arizona requires each county to operate a detention center for juveniles who:

  • Are likely to commit an offense injurious to self or others
  • Need custodial protection for their own interests or the interests of the public
  • May be charged as adults for a serious offense
  • Would not appear for a court hearing if they were not detained, or
  • Must be held for another jurisdiction

The Juvenile Probation Department recognizes and enforces rules and laws for the safety of juveniles. Examples of these are Rule 23D and Reporting of Misconduct (PREA). Please click here to view the 2021 Annual PREA Report.

Detention is not open to the general public for tours.

Michaella Aguilar-Heslin
Deputy Chief

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