A "dependent child" is one who is in need of proper and effective parental care and control and has no parent or guardian, or the parent or guardian is not willing to exercise or is incapable of exercising care and control.

Or, a child who is destitute, or who is not provided with the necessities of life, including adequate food, clothing, shelter or medical care, or where the home is "unfit" by reason of abuse, neglect, cruelty or depravity by a parent, guardian or other person having care or custody of the child.

Or, a child under the age of eight years and who is found to have committed an act that would result in adjudication as a delinquent juvenile or incorrigible child if committed by an older juvenile or child.

Or, a child who is incompetent or not restorable to competency and who is alleged to have committed a serious offense ARS § 8-201.

If a child is found to be dependent, the parent(s) will be given an opportunity to participate in services so that reunification can occur.

Dependency Petition

A program has been established to help children become more familiar with the Juvenile Court System. This program is called Court Orientation for Dependent Youth (CODY) and is a court program that aims to empower dependent youth ages 12-17 involved in a Dependency to advocate for themselves and provides them with information regarding this court process from the parties involved in their case.

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Juvenile Presiding Judge
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