You may use the forms on this page if the following factors apply to your situation:

  • You have a current Child Support Order that was entered in Maricopa County,
  • You wish to modify the Order,
  • ALL parties AGREE to modify the Order,
  • You have the notarized signatures of all parties on the Agreement, AND
  • If either party is using the child support collection or enforcement services of the State, you also have the signature of the Attorney General's representative from DCSS, the Division of Child Support Services.
  • You understand these forms do not deal with arrears (back support).


Use the easy-to-use child support calculator at ezCourtForms to create a Child Support Worksheet, Child Support Order, and Current Employer Information form.


  • The other party will not sign the agreement (in front of a notary or Court Clerk).
  • You want to modify arrears (money owed for overdue support).
  • If the reason you are requesting the change is because the living arrangements of the child(ren) have changed but the court order about Legal Decision Making and visitation has not.


Packets contain ALL forms and ALL instructions needed for this process, except where noted.

To Change (Modify) Child Support by Agreement - Instructions and Forms - drmcs7

Or download instructions and forms individually


Instructions: How to fill out the Agreement - drmcs7li


Instructions: How to fill out the Child Support Order - drs81


Procedures: What to do after you have completed all forms - drmcs71p


Agreement to Modify Child Support - drmcs71f


Child Support Worksheet (use ezCourtForms) - drs12f


Child Support Order (use ezCourtForms) - drs81f


Current Employer Information sheet (use ezCourtForms) - drs88f

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