To Request to Update the Court Records with Your Address or Name Change

You may use the forms on this page if the following factors apply to your situation :
  • Your name and/or address has changed and you want to update the court records with current information regarding your name or address. (Do not use this packet if you want to legally change your name.) AND,
  • You have a current case in the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County and/or you have been ordered to make payments through the Clerk of Superior Court, or you are currently receiving payments from the Clerk of Superior Court. AND,
  • Your case is NOT a guardianship, conservatorship or informal/formal probate case. For these cases, use these forms:
    • Notice of Change of Fiduciary's Contact Information PB13f  Download |  Descargar

    • Notice of Change of of Ward's Contact Information PB14f  Download |  Descargar

  • AND you do not have a protected address and your file, or address, or name has not been sealed by the court, or ordered to be kept confidential or private by the court. AND,
  • You are only requesting to update the records regarding your name and/or your address.

To update the court record regarding anyone else's name or address.

To update an address already ordered “protected.” If your address is currently ordered to be protected, you will need to go in-person to the Clerk of the Court to request this action. Please visit the Clerk of the Court’s web page for a list of their locations.

Request Update of Court Records With Your Address/Name Change - GN9

Download Packet Descargar todos los formularios
or download instructions and forms individually
Instructions for Updating Address or Name Information With the Court - gn91i
Request to Change Address and/or Name - gn91f

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