You may use the forms on this page if the following factors apply to your situation:

  • You want the valuation of your property reduced ("valuation" is the full cash value of the property on the notice you received from the County) AND,
  • You want to do your own appeal, without a lawyer representing you AND,
  • You want the valuation listed in the February Notice of Valuation reduced, AND,
  • The property on which you want the valuation reduced is either your primary residence (a Class Three residential property of any value) OR is NOT your primary residence but is valued at $2,000,000 or less by the tax assessor, AND,
  • You paid your taxes before they were delinquent (late), AND,
  • You will file your complaint by December 15th of the year in which you received the February Notice of Valuation, OR,
  • You will file your Petition within 60 days of the most recent Administrative Appeal Decision if an Administrative Appeal was taken.

To complete the forms using an interactive interview, use ezCourtForms.

Small Claims Property Tax Appeal - txsc1

Or download instructions and forms individually


Procedures and Instructions for a Small Claims Property Tax Appeal - txsc10h


Rules of Practice for the Arizona Tax Court - txsc10p


Arizona Tax Court Cover Sheet - txsc10f


Petition and Notice of Small Claims Property Tax Appeal - txsc11f

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