Screening Procedures

In order to help keep the courts safe, visitors will be asked to:

  • Empty pockets, placing contents in the container provided.
  • Place purses, briefcases, backpacks and parcels on the X-ray machine for scanning.
  • Remove belts and walk through a metal detector.

If the x-ray or metal detector sets off an alert or alarm, a Judicial Branch Security Officer may perform another scan, using a hand wand. The security officer may also ask permission to conduct a physical search of personal articles to determine the cause of the alert or alarm. Before proceeding from the security screening area, visitors should be sure to retrieve all of their personal possessions. 

There are a variety of potentially hazardous and dangerous items that are not permitted inside the court's facilities. In general, items that could be used to injure or harm another person are not permitted and cannot be brought into a court building. See the list of prohibited items for additional information. If in doubt about an item, leave it at home. If a potentially hazardous or dangerous item is brought into a court building, the person possessing the item must remove it from the building. It cannot be left with court security. 

In the event of an emergency occurring in a court building, follow instructions provided by Judicial Branch Security Officers. Judicial Branch Security Officers will provide directions and routes for leaving the building, and will advise where to go once outside. Emergency Evacuation Procedures include provisions for persons with disabilities. 

Any visitor who has a safety concern or security issue should contact any of the Judicial Branch's Security Officers. A security supervisor or manager will gladly assist.

Sean Gibbs
Judicial Branch Security Director
Contact Judicial Branch Security Department 


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