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For Information Regarding Tax Department Operations, Please Visit: Maricopa County Superior Court's Modified Operations Website

The Arizona Tax Department was established in September 1988 and has jurisdiction over disputes anywhere in the state that involves the imposition, assessment or collection of a tax. The Court adjudicates cases involving state taxes, municipal sales taxes and property taxes as well as appeals from the Property Oversight Commission.

We provide tax forms and a tax records cover sheet.

Preparing your Case for Trial

The Arizona Tax Department offers basic information on preparing your case for trial.

Day of the Trial

The Arizona Tax Department offers information, steps and etiquette to help out the non attorney litigant for your trial day.

Arizona Tax Department FAQ

General information for Arizona Tax Department cases. 


View the meaning of tax terms you may need to know.

Arizona Tax Decisions

View historical Arizona Tax Decisions which are required to be posted per A.R.S. § 42-2077(B). 

Tax Presiding Judge
Danielle Viola

Luke Emerson
Tax Administrator
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