Judicial Branch Communications

The Communications Office is responsible for the public communication from the Judicial Branch to the public, news media, community groups and other stakeholders. The office provides initial case information to news organizations, coordinates news cameras to be present in the Courtroom, updates the public on significant and high-profile cases, facilitates court tours for hundreds of local students each year, and maintains the Branch’s social media presence online.

The Superior Court offers a number of programs for students and adults interested in learning more about the court and the criminal justice system.

Speakers' Bureau

Courthouse Experience

Press Releases 

  • February 7, 2023: Lawyers in the Library Program Offers Free Legal Assistance
  • January 31, 2023: Jury Service Offers a Rewarding Experience – Just ask a Former Juror
  • January 23, 2023: New Courtroom Opens to Support Mental Health Hearings
  • January 10, 2023: Law Library Resource Center to Host Two Clinics in January
  • January 10, 2023: Maricopa County Superior Court Recognized with Strategic Agenda Awards
  • December 14, 2022: Valley’s Regional Homeless Court Celebrates 10-year Anniversary
  • December 12, 2022: Court Celebrates National Adoption Day
  • December 06, 2022: Free December Workshops at the Law Library Resource Center
  • December 06, 2022: Over 500 Holiday Meals Served at Adult Probation’s Turkey Feast
  • November 03, 2022: Law Library Resource Center Offering Free Workshops in November
  • October 26, 2022: New partnership makes tutoring program possible in Juvenile Detention
  • October 7, 2022: Visiting Japanese Judge Genki Hayami Shares Early Impressions
  • October 4, 2022: Law Library Resource Center Offering Free Workshops in October
  • September 26, 2022: Orders of Protection Extended to Two Years Under New Law
  • September 6, 2022: Law Library Resource Center Offering Free Workshops in September
  • September 1, 2022: Superior Court’s AmeriCorps Program Seeks Members
  • August 30, 2022: New, Updated Laws Require Fixes to Hundreds of Court Forms
  • August 16, 2022: Superior Court’s Law Library Resource Center Offers Workshops
  • August 9, 2022: Automation Helps Superior Court Resolve Arbitration Cases
  • July 20, 2022: Probation Departments Celebrate National Recognition Week
  • June 30, 2022: Jury Fraud Scheme Ensnares Valley Residents
  • June 28, 2022: Judicial Branch Celebrates Family Reunification Month
  • June 24, 2022: Judicial Branch of Arizona in Maricopa County Wins Nine National Awards
  • June 22, 2022: Superior Court Judicial Officers Rotating to New Assignments
  • June 21, 2022: Teen Court Empowers Students, Avoids Formal Court Hearings
  • June 14, 2022: Public survey affirms Superior Court’s commitment to fairness, respect
  • June 13, 2022: Drug Court Celebrates Recovery During National Drug Court Month  
  • June 8, 2022Superior Court’s Courthouse Experience Program Relaunches
  • June 6, 2022June is Family Reunification Month, an Opportunity to Celebrate the Safe Rebuilding of Families
  • May 9, 2022: Judicial Branch Celebrates Law Day at the State Capitol
  • May 9, 2022: Dental Program for Justice-Involved Youth Receives Award
  • May 4, 2022: Juvenile Probation Offers $3,000 Sign-On Incentive for Detention Officers
  • April 27, 2022: Judicial Branch in Maricopa County Recognizes ‘Law Day’
  • April 27, 2022: Maricopa County Superior Court Celebrates Jury Appreciation Week
  • April 19, 2022: Maricopa County Judicial Branch Offering Parental Leave
  • April 5, 2022: CASA of Maricopa County Focuses on Advocating for Children During National Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • March 30, 2022: Superior Court Seeking College Students Interested in Language Intern Program
  • March 29, 2022: Adult Probation Department Launches Justice-Involved Women Initiative
  • March 16, 2022: AmeriCorps Week Helps Highlight Member Contributions to Judicial Branch
  • March 14, 2022: Superior Court's Legal Extern Program Now Accepting Applications
  • March 14, 2022: Superior Court Offers Veterans a Second Chance at StandDown
  • March 2, 2022Maricopa County Adult Probation Department Celebrates 50th Anniversary
  • Feb. 14, 2022Hope Closets Help Clothe Youth Being Released from Detention
  • Feb. 9, 2022Judicial Branch Celebrates National Court Reporters Week
  • Feb. 5, 2022Superior Court Judge Rosa Mroz Killed in Traffic Collision
  • Jan. 27, 2022Family Treatment Court Promotes Family Reunification
  • Jan. 24, 2022Virtual Court Expanded for In-Custody Defendants
  • Dec. 14, 2021Adult Probation Department Celebrates 26th year of giving back
  • Nov. 22, 2021: Court Celebrates National Adoption Day with In-Person Event
  • Nov. 8, 2021: Education Program Aims to Reach Justice-Involved and In-Need Adults
  • Oct. 27, 2021: Virtual Life Skills and Internal Strength Classes Offered for Youth
  • Oct. 18, 2021Domestic Violence Victims Find Support Through Superior Court
  • Oct. 4, 2021Some Maricopa County Court Cases Streaming Online
  • Aug. 30, 2021: Court sees influx of petitioners filing for Prop. 207 expungements
  • Aug. 18, 2021Music Program in Juvenile Detention Helps Youth Succeed
  • Aug. 3, 2021: Restoring Civil Rights is a Self-Serve Process with Maricopa County Superior Court
  • July 21, 2021: Drug Court Programs Receive National Acclaim
  • July 19, 2021: Probation Week Recognizes Officers’ Role in Public Safety
  • July 14, 2021Court Expands Public Access to Facilities
  • June 29, 2021: Law Library Resource Center Accepting In-Person Appointments beginning July 1

Media Coverage of Court Operations

January 24, 2023: News/Talk 92.3 KTAR - Valleywise Health Open's New Mental Health Courtroom at their Maryvale Location

December 20, 2022: KTAZ Telemundo Arizona - Tribunal regional para personas sin hogar del condado de Maricopa (SPANISH)

December 20, 2022: KPNX NBC 12 Phoenix - Maricopa County Regional Homeless Court Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

December 12, 2022: KPNX NBC 12 Phoenix - 'The best day of the year in our court system': Maricopa county celebrates over 100 adoptions on Adoption Day

December 06, 2022: KTVK 3TV and KPHO CBS 5 News - More than 500 holiday meals served at Adult Probation’s Turkey Feast

November 20, 2022: FOX 10 KSAZ - Valley Family Celebrates New Adoption - National Adoption Day 2022

November 10, 2022: KNXV ABC15 Arizona - Tutors at Valley Juvenile Detention Facility Changing Lives of Troubled Teens

November 01, 2022: Maricopa Lawyer - What I Have Gained Being a Judge Pro Tempore

October 29, 2022: Fox 10 KSAZ - New partnership makes tutoring program possible in Juvenile Detention

October 28, 2022: KTAZ Telemundo Arizona - Programa de tutoría ayuda a jóvenes detenidos a obtener su diploma

October 26, 2022: Fox 10 KSAZ - ASU student tutors partners with Juvenile Detention on a weekly basis

October 14, 2022: Prensa ArizonaProtective Orders now valid for two years

September 27, 2022: News/Talk 92.3 KTAR - New Arizona Law Doubles Duration of Protective Orders to 2 Years

September 27, 2022: News/Talk 92.3 KTAR -  A New Law Doubles the Length of Time for Orders of Protection

September 24, 2022: News/Talk 92.3 KTAR - Law Library Resource Center Updates Documents and Resources for New Laws that Take Effect

September 23, 2022: Fox 10 KSAZ - Maricopa County Superior Court Offers Help at Law Library Resource Centers

September 07, 2022: KTAZ Telemundo - Law Library Resource Center Offering Free Workshops in September

September 05, 2022: KTAZ Telemundo - Parents Share Inspirational Stories - Family Reunification Month 

August 10, 2022: News/Talk 92.3 KTAR - Maricopa County Superior Court resolving arbitration cases faster with automation

July 05, 2022: KFYI AM - Maricopa County residents are being warned beware of Jury scam calls

July 04, 2022: Daily Independent - Valley Residents Defrauded by Jury Duty Scam

July 04, 2022: AZ Family 3 KTVK PHX - Scam Callers Threaten Valley Residents with ‘Jury Service Fines’ 

July 03, 2022:  News/Talk 92.3 KTAR - A new scam is tricking people into paying fake miss jury duty fines over the phone 

July 02, 2022: Fox 10 KSAZ - Jury Duty Fraud Scheme

July 02, 2022: 91.5 KJZZ - Maricopa County Superior Court Warning of an Elaborate Ruse Robbing People of Thousands of Dollars at a Time

July 01, 2022: Fox 10 KSAZ - Scammers Defrauding Valley Residents out of Thousands of Dollars

July 01, 2022: News/Talk 92.3 KTAR - A Mysterious Envelope in the Office of a Jury Administrator Led to the Discovery of a Dangerous Scam

July 01, 2022: 91.5 KJZZ - Maricopa County Superior Court Warning of an Elaborate Ruse Robbing People of Thousands of Dollars at a Time

July 01, 2022: ABC 15 KNXV - Scammers Reportedly Stealing Thousands from Residents through Jury Fraud Scheme

July 01, 2022: NBC 12 KPNX - Threatened with Jail Time? Courts Warn Arizona Residents of Jury Scam Calls 

July 01, 2022: Fox 10 KSAZ - Scammers Defrauding Valley Residents out of Thousands of Dollars

July 01, 2022: 91.5 KJZZ - Maricopa County Jury Office warns residents of an elaborate scam

June 30, 2022: ABC 15 KNXV - Scammers Reportedly Stealing Thousands from Residents through Jury Fraud Scheme

June 30, 2022: KTVK PHX - Scam Callers Threaten Valley Residents with ‘Jury Service Fines’ 

June 27, 2022: News/Talk 92.3 KTAR - Teen Court - How can we stop young people come for things like petty theft from becoming career criminals? Teen Court could have the answer.

June 23, 2022: Telemundo Arizona - Teen Court offers youth a way to learn from their mistakes (Enlace en español)

June 23, 2022: Prensa Arizona - Drug Court program helps rescue those struggling with addictions  (Enlace en español)

June 20, 2022: KNXV-ABC 15 reports on one Valley mother's journey to redemption, Celebrating of Family Reunification Month

June 16, 2022:
 Telemundo's Gabriela Martinez reports on the The Maricopa County Superior Court's rehabilitation program for adults on probation who struggle with addictions

June 10, 2022: Superior Court, community partners recognize Family Reunification Month - KTVK PHX

June 6, 2022: Governor Ducey proclaims June as Arizona Family Reunification Month

May 12, 2022: KTAR covers Juvenile Probation's Smiles of Hope Program

April 7, 2022: Adult Probation Department provides assistance for justice-involved women who faced traumatic situations

May 5, 2022:
Maricopa County Recognizes Juror Appreciation Week

April 6, 2022: 'Arizona Horizon' discusses Adult Probation Evolution Over Past 50 Years
April 4, 2022:
 Grabowsky: Be a caring adult for kids in need - Volunteer as a CASA 

April 4, 2022: Maricopa County's probation department launches trauma-informed training for officers 

April 4, 2022: KTAR News speaks to Chief Probation Officer Michael Cimino about the Justice-Involved Women Initiative

April 4, 2022: Maricopa County judicial officials seek interpreter and translator interns

April 1, 2022: Volunteers wanted to advocate for Arizona kids in foster care

March 3, 2022Probation Programs Implemented in Maricopa County Celebrate 50 Years

Feb. 18, 2022‘CourtConnect’ keeps wheels of justice rolling in Arizona

Feb. 17, 2022: Local Radio Show 'La Hora del Cafecito de Conecta Arizona', interviews Alejandro Lopez about 'The Hope Closet' program

Feb. 14, 2022: Fox 10's Marc Martinez talks about the Superior Court's Family Treatment Court

Feb. 9, 2022Courthouses Boost Audiovisual Capabilities for Virtual Hearings

Feb. 8, 2022Colleague remembers Maricopa County Judge Rosa Mroz as a good friend, respected jurist

Feb. 7, 2022Maricopa County judge fatally hit by car is remembered as 'pillar of the legal community'

Feb. 7, 2022: 'She was a breath of knowledge': Maricopa County judge leaves behind lasting legacy

Feb. 7, 2022Colleagues remember Maricopa County judge who died after getting struck by car in Phoenix

Feb. 5, 2022: Maricopa County Superior Court judge dies after being hit by reported red light runner

Jan. 27, 2022Virtual sentencing hearings help keep court system moving during the pandemic

Nov. 22, 2021: National Adoption Day Video - Cronkite News

Nov. 19, 2021Valley family celebrating their newest family addition on National Adoption Day

Nov. 12, 2021: Cambian delincuencia por educación - Trade crime for education

Nov. 4, 2021: Delitos menores no son un juego

Oct. 21, 2021Maricopa County's Law Library Resource Center helps victims of domestic violence

Oct. 5, 2021Maricopa County's court hearings can now be watched online

Sept. 5, 2021AZ Marijuana Expungement Forms Available From Maricopa County Superior Court Law Library

Sept. 1, 2021Law groups help Arizonans expunge marijuana charges from record

Sept. 1, 2021Maricopa County Superior Court Grants 3,600 Marijuana Expungement Petitions

Aug. 31, 2021Music program aimed at helping kids stay out of juvenile detention

Aug. 30, 2021: Arizona Superior Court Sees Influx of People Filing to Clear Marijuana Convictions

July 29, 2021: Maricopa County drug court programs help change lives 

July 19, 2021: Full Public Access To Maricopa County Courts Starts Monday

July 14, 2021Maricopa County Courts Expand Public Access To Facilities

June 12, 2020: Called up for jury duty? Here's what it will be like under COVID-19 

June 1, 2020Presiding Judge Joseph C. Welty Gives Update on Court Operations during the Pandemic on KJZZ's "The Show"

March 25, 2020Presiding Judge Joseph C. Welty Explains COVID-19 Court Operations on KJZZ's "The Show"

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