The Superior Court offers a number of programs for students and adults interested in learning more about the court and the criminal justice system.

Speakers' Bureau Program

The Speakers' Bureau program was created to educate and inform the community about the justice system. We will provide a speaker to present thought-provoking and important information appropriate to your audience. Judges, Commissioners and Court Administrators are available to speak to school groups, civic organizations, service clubs or professional associations by request to our office.

The Courthouse Experience Program

An attorney will guide your students through the courthouse and explain courtroom procedures. During the visit, students may sit in on court cases or trials.

The View from the Bench Program

This unique program, sponsored by Maricopa County Superior Court, is designed to accomplish two important goals: to open both institutional and individual lines of communication between judges and legislators and to make significant strides in educating judges about the nuts and bolts of the legislative process and educating the legislature about the day-to-day tasks undertaken by judges in our county. This program is a wonderful opportunity to encourage ongoing communication between the judicial and legislative branches.

Legislators receive a personal invitation from the Courthouse Experience Director to spend a day or half day "shadowing" a judge on and off the bench. Legislators are given the opportunity to select the judge or court facility they desire to visit. These visits are scheduled during the months of November, December and January. During the months of January, February and March our judges reciprocate by "shadowing" legislators during the legislative session. Our judges are also given the opportunity to select a legislator if they wish.

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